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Pancreatic Cancer Medicine in Philippines

Pancreatic Cancer Medicine in Philippines

What is the most common cancer in the Philippines?

The most common cancers are breast, lung, colon and rectum, and prostate cancers. Around one-third of deaths from cancer are due to tobacco use, high body mass index, alcohol consumption, low fruit and vegetable intake, and lack of physical activity.

How common is cancer in Philippines?

In the Philippines, a Southeast Asian nation of over 110 million people, cancer is amongst the leading causes of death. In 2020 alone, cancer accounted for over 150,000 new diagnoses and over 90,000 deaths.

Pancreatic Cancer: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Cancer that begins in the organ lying behind the lower part of the stomach (pancreas). The pancreas secretes enzymes that aid digestion and hormones that help regulate the metabolism of sugars. This type of cancer is often detected late, spreads rapidly and has a poor prognosis.

There are no symptoms in the early stages. Later stages are associated with symptoms, but these can be non-specific, such as lack of appetite and weight loss.

Treatment may include surgically removing the pancreas, radiation and chemotherapy.

What is the rare age for pancreatic cancer?

Most people who develop pancreatic cancer are older than 45. In fact, 90% are older than 55 and 70% are older than 65. However, adults of any age can be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, as can children rarely.

Pancreatic cancer is the 14th most common cancer in incidence in the Philippines and the 8th most common cause of cancer-related death. Over 153 751 new cases of pancreatic cancer were diagnosed in 2020, and the disease was accountable for 92 606 deaths.



Protein-bound paclitaxel

Erlotinib hydrochloride

Gemcitabine and chk1 inhibitor

These are the most common chemo drugs are used for pancreatic cancer.

When seeking the best treatment options for lung cancer in Philippines there are several hospitals stands out as a leading healthcare institution. They offers a comprehensive approach to lung cancer treatment, providing patients access to world-class care and renowned oncologists.

Asian Hospital and Medical Center

Muntinlupa, Metro Manila, Philippines

Makati Medical Center

Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

St. Luke's Medical Center

Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

The Medical City

Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines

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