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Capmatinib Tablet Brands

What is Capmatinib and what is it used for?

Capmatinib is a prescription medicine used to treat adults with a kind of lung cancer called non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) that has spread to other parts of the body or cannot be removed by surgery and whose tumors have an abnormal gene.

Which is better, targeted therapy or chemotherapy?

Both chemotherapy and targeted therapy are two effective methods for cancer therapy. The difference is that chemotherapy can also kill normal cells when destroying cancer cells. On the other hand, targeted therapy does not affect normal cells while killing the targeted cancer cells.

How Capmatinib Tablet works

Capmatinib Tablet works by blocking the action of an abnormal protein that promotes the multiplication of cancer cells. This helps slow or stop the spread of cancer cells.

Common side effects of Capmatinib

Edema (swelling), Nausea, Musculoskeletal stiffness, Breathlessness, Fatigue, Vomiting, Cough, Decreased appetite

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