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Avatrombopag Tablet Brands

What is Avatrombopag 20mg Tablet?

Avatrombopag is used to treat thrombocytopenia (a lack of platelets in the blood) in adults with chronic liver disease who are scheduled to undergo a medical procedure.

Avatrombopag is also used to treat chronic immune thrombocytopenia when other treatments have failed.

Avatrombopag is not a cure for thrombocytopenia and it will not make your platelet counts normal.

Side Effects of Generic Avatrombopag 20mg Tablet

The most common adverse reactions reported in at least 3% of patients were pyrexia, abdominal pain, nausea, headache, fatigue, and peripheral edema.9,16 Hyponatremia was also a rare serious adverse effect of this drug, seen in only 2 patients in the treatment group .16 Adverse reactions resulting in discontinuation of this drug have been anemia, pyrexia, and myalgia

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