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Alpelisib Tablet Brands Online

Alpelisib Tablet Online

It is an anticancer agent that belongs to the class of medications called PI3K (phosphatidylinositol-3-kinase) inhibitors. It is used in combination with other anticancer medication to treat a certain type of breast cancer that has spread to nearby tissues or other parts of the body in women who have already gone through menopause or in men whose cancer got worse during or after certain other treatments. It is also used to treat those who have certain types of PIK3CA-related overgrowth spectrum (PROS; a genetic condition that causes overgrowth and abnormalities in certain body tissues). 

Alpelisib tablet brands Uses

Alpelisib Tablet Online is used in the treatment of breast cancer.

How Generic Alpelisib Tablet works?

Alpelisib works to treat cancer by blocking the signals that cause cancer cells to multiply, which helps to stop the spread of cancer cells.

Common side effects of Alpelisib Tablet

Increased glucose level in blood, Diarrhea, Rash, Nausea, Vomiting, Fatigue, Increased creatinine level in blood, Lymphocytopenia, Increased gamma-glutamyltransferase, Increased alanine aminotransferase, Decreased hemoglobin, Increased lipase in the blood, Decreased appetite, Stomatitis (Inflammation of the mouth), Weight loss, Hypoglycemia (low blood glucose level), Decreased calcium level in blood, Prolonged activated partial thromboplastin time (aPTT), Hair loss

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