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Aprazer Pazopanib Pazokast Tablets

Aprazer Pazopanib Pazokast Tablets

Brand Name: Pazokast

Active Ingredient: Pazopanib

International Trade Name: Votrient

Manufacturer: Aprazer Pharma

Strength: 200mg & 400mg

Form: Tablets

Country Of Origin: India

Product Description

What is Pazokast Pazopanib Tablet?

Pazopanib 400 mg (Pazokast) is an effective medicine used to treat a few kinds of cancer, specifically soft tissue sarcoma and kidney cancer. It treats the cancer tumor by slowing its growth and supplying less blood to the tumor.

Uses of Indian Pazopanib Tablets (Pazokast):

It is one of the targeted cancer drugs known as TKI (tyrosine kinase inhibitor) and is used to treat advanced cancer (kidney and soft tissue sarcoma). The other name of this tablet is Votrient.

Proteins called Tyrosine kinase to perform the function of chemical enzymes in cells and cause more growth of cancerous cells. Pazopanib 400 mg (Pazokast)  works by blocking these cancerous cells to form blood vessels.


Taking Pazopanib 400 mg (Pazokast) often causes some mild or serious side effects in your body. They are as follows –

Pazopanib 400 mg price

Weight loss



Loss of appetite



Change of skin and hair color

Temporary hair loss

Consult your doctor if you notice any serious symptoms like unusual bleeding, swelling feet, slow heartbeat, signs of infection, etc.

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