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Lenalid 25mg Capsules, Lenalidomide

Lenalid 25mg Capsules, Lenalidomide

Lenalid Lenalidomide by Natco belongs to a class of medicines called immunomodulatory agents. It strengthens immune responses to prevent inflammation in the body. The medicine contains lenalidomide and is used for treating myelodysplastic syndrome. This syndrome is basically a group of symptoms in which the bone marrow produces abnormal blood cells and insufficient healthy red blood cells, and is caused due to an abnormal chromosome in the human body. Our medicine is also suitable for treating anemia and, along with dexamethasone, for the treatment of multiple myeloma. The medicine works by destroying abnormal cells in the bone marrow and facilitating the formation of normal red blood cells.

Lenalid containing the dynamic fixing lenalidomide is viewed as an immunomodulating operator. It influences the way the insusceptible framework attempts to enable the bone marrow to deliver typical platelets and slaughtering strange cells in the bone marrow. The cases can be utilized alone or in blend with other medicine to treat pallor in patients with myelodysplastic disorders and numerous myeloma.

Supplied as:

Available in as 5 mg, 10 mg, 15 mg & 25 mg capsules

Lenalidomide Lenalid Use:

Lenalidomide is utilized to treat anemia (low red blood cells) in patients with a specific kind of myelodysplastic disorder (MDS) called 5q MDS. Patients with this sort of MDS may have low red platelet tallies and require blood transfusions.

Lenalidomide is additionally utilized as a part of mix with dexamethasone to treat numerous myeloma (plasma cell growth) in patients who have gotten no less than one earlier treatment.

Once a drug has been affirmed for showcasing for a specific utilize, experience may demonstrate that it is additionally helpful for other restorative issues. Despite the fact that these utilizations are excluded in item naming, lenalidomide is utilized as a part of specific patients with the accompanying medicinal conditions such as Multiple myeloma, first-line treatment, in combination with dexamethasone (treatment of bone marrow cancer; used together with dexamethasone).

Lenalidomide Lenalid Side Effects:

Allergies: - Tell your specialist in the event that you have ever had any uncommon or hypersensitive response to lenalidomide or some other prescriptions. Additionally tell your social insurance proficient on the off chance that you have some other sorts of sensitivities, for example, to sustenances, colors, additives, or creatures. For non-solution items, read the mark or bundle fixings precisely.

Pediatric: - Proper investigations have not been performed on the relationship of age to the impacts of lenalidomide in the pediatric populace. Security and adequacy have not been built up.

Geriatric: - Proper investigations performed to date have not exhibited geriatric-particular issues that would confine the helpfulness of lenalidomide in the elderly.

Pregnancy: - All Trimesters - Studies in creatures or pregnant women have exhibited positive confirmation of fetal anomalies. This medication ought not to be utilized as a part of ladies who are or may wind up pregnant on the grounds that the hazard obviously exceeds any conceivable advantage.  

Breast Feeding: - There are no sufficient investigations in women for deciding baby chance when utilizing this drug amid breastfeeding. Measure the potential advantages against the potential dangers previously taking this pharmaceutical while breastfeeding.

Precautions and warnings:

Patients with a history of kidney problems, blood clots, and strokes; must consult a doctor before using the medicine

The medicine may decrease the content of blood cells in the blood. The adverse effect is exhibited through various symptoms like bleeding gum, fever, throat infections, and chills. If taken for treatment of myeloma, it is suggested that the patient takes some other medicines for controlling side effects like a blood clot in the leg, chest pain, cough, redness, and uneasy breathing pattern.

Pregnant women must consult their doctors before using the medicine. At least two reliable forms of birth control, starting 4 weeks before the patient starts taking Lenalid and ending 4 weeks. Any woman who has not had a hysterectomy (surgery to remove your uterus and/or both ovaries) or has not been in menopause for at least 24 months in a row, must agree in writing to use birth control before, during, and after taking Lenalid. Even women with fertility problems are suggested to use birth control while taking Lenalid. The patient must also have a negative pregnancy test 10 to 14 days before treatment and again at 24 hours before the treatment begins.

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