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Esentra Denosumab Injection

Esentra Denosumab Injection

Brand Name: Esentra

Active Ingredient: Denosumab Injection

Manufacturer: Intas Pharma

Strength: 60mg & 120mg

Country of Origin: India

Product Description

What is Esentra Injection?

Esentra 120mg Injection contains Denosumab. It is used to treat osteoporosis (thinning and weakening of bone). It is not recommended for adolescents and children under 18 years of age. This medicine should not be taken if your blood calcium is too low. You should also take vitamin D and calcium supplements while being treated with this medicine. Your doctor will discuss this with you. 

Uses of Indian Denosumab Injection:

Esentra 120mg Injection is used to treat osteoporosis in:

Postmenopausal women (resulting from low levels of estrogen)

Men (resulting from a reduction in testosterone caused by surgery or prostate cancer treatment)

Patients who have an increased risk of fracture due to long-term treatment with glucocorticoids

Women (resulting from breast cancer treatments)

Side-Effects of Esentra 60mg Injection:

Musculoskeletal (bone, muscle, or joint) pain

Pain in extremities

Nerve pain



Urinary tract infection

How Intas Esentra 120mg Injection works:

It decreases bone resorption (the process by which osteoclasts break the tissue in bones and release minerals, and calcium into the blood) by inhibiting osteoclast formation and function and increasing bone mass and strength.

Where to Buy Esentra Denosumab Injection?

If you want to Purchase Esentra Injection at wholesale price you just need to click on the "Ask For Price" and fill out the form, and we will get in touch after your query is placed, and reach us straightforwardly at WhatsApp/Viber: +91-7428091874. . LetsMeds is a Trusted Pharmaceuticals Supplier that provides original Indian Denosumab Prolia Injection Supplier worldwide countries Singapore, USA, Vietnam, Malaysia, Korea, UK, Poland, China, Laos, Belarus, France, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong and Philippines and its urban communities incorporates Quezon City, Manila, Davao City, Caloocan, Cebu City, Zamboanga City, Taguig, Antipolo and so forth.

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