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What is Enzalutamide Capsule?

Enzalutamide 40mg Capsule is a prescription medication used to treat prostate cancer. It is a type of medication called an androgen receptor inhibitor, which works by blocking the effects of male hormones (androgens) on the prostate gland.

Uses of Indian Enzalutamide Capsules:

Enzalutamide Capsules USA is used to treat prostate cancer that has spread to other parts of the body (metastatic prostate cancer) and that is resistant to standard hormonal therapy. It is also sometimes used in combination with other treatments for prostate cancer.

What are Enzalutamide 40mg Capsules Side-Effects:

Enzalutamide can cause a range of side effects, which can vary in severity and frequency among different individuals. Some common side effects of enzalutamide capsules may include:


Hot flashes

High blood pressure


Loss of appetite




Joint pain

Muscle weakness

Back pain


Mood changes, including depression and anxiety

In rare cases, enzalutamide may cause more serious side effects, such as seizures, blood clots, or liver problems. It can also cause an increase in some liver enzymes in the blood, which a healthcare provider can monitor.

It is essential to notify a healthcare provider if any side effects occur while taking enzalutamide, especially if they are severe or persistent. A healthcare provider may be able to adjust the dosage or treatment plan to help manage side effects, or recommend other treatments to alleviate them.

Additionally, it is important to inform a healthcare provider of all medications and supplements being taken, as enzalutamide can interact with other medicines and cause additional side effects or reduce the effectiveness of other medications.

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