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Casfung Injection, Caspofungin Acetate

Casfung Injection, Caspofungin Acetate

Form: Powder for Infusion

Strength: 50mg/70mg

Brand Name: Casfung

International Brand Name: Cancidas

Active Ingredient: Caspofungin Acetate

Packing: Pack of 1 Vial.

Manufactured By: Glenmark Pharmaceuticals.

Product Description

What is Casfung Injection?

It is an antifungal medication that is effective in treating fungal infections caused by Aspergillus and Candida species, It has an active ingredient Caspofungin Acetate and manufactured by Glenmark Pharmaceuticals.

Alternate brands of Casfung?

It is available in the form of powder for infusion in the strength of 50mg and 70mg.

Few of its alternate brands are as follows:

  • Cancidas by MSD Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  • Caspogin by Cipla Pharma Ltd.
  • Candidal by Intas Pharma.
  • Savacap by Sava Healthcare Ltd.
  • Casporan by Ranbaxy Laboratories.
  • Guficap by Gufic Criti Care.
  • Wofungin by Wockhardt Pharma.
  • Caspoliv by Livealth BioPharma Pvt. Ltd.

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