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Amphomul 50mg Injection

ABOUT AMPHOMUL 50MG INJECTIONAmphomul 50 mg Injection is an anti-fungal prescription used to treat genuine and conceivably hazardous diseases caused by various contagious species. The colloidal scattering type of this medication is utilized as a part of patients who don't react or can't endure the customary type of this prescription. MEDIC..

Ovipure HP-5000 Injection

Medicine Specifications:-Brand Name: Ovipure HP-5000Composition : Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin 5000 I.UManufacturer: Bharat Serums and Vaccines LimitedForm: InjectionStrength: 5000 I.UPacking: Pack of 1 vial of 1mL/2mLStorage: 2- 8°C..

Pancuronium Bromide Injection

Neocuron Injection Details:Brand Name    : Neocuron InjectionContent            : Pancuronium BromideManufacturer : Neon Laboratories Ltd.Strength          : 4 mg/ 2 ml..

Pneumovax 23 vaccine

Pneumovax Vaccine Details:Brand Name: Pneumovax 23 vaccineContents: pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine, polyvalent.Form: InjectionManufacturer: MSD..

Tetanus Vaccine Lockjaw Injection

TETANUS (lock jaw) VACCINE :Brand Name    : Tetanus (Lock Jaw)Content            : Tetanus Toxoid 5 Lf, Adsorbed on Aluminium Phosphate (AlPO4) 1.5 mg & Thiomersal   0.01 % as preservativeStrength           : 0.5 mgForm             ..

U-Frag 5,00,000 I.U.Injection

Medicine Details:Brand Name     :  U-Frag 5,00,000 I.U.Composition      :  Urokinase 5,00,000 I.U.Manufacturer    :  Bharat Serums and Vaccines LimitedForm                     :  InjectionStrength         ..

Vecuronium Bromide Injection

Neovec Injection Details:Brand Name       : Neovec InjectionContent                : Vecuronium BromideManufacturer    : Neon Laboratories Ltd.Packing                : 5 Ampoules Combipack..

Verorab (Rabies Vaccine)

Verorab Vaccine Details:Brand Name                             : VerorabActive Ingredients                  :  Rabies virus*, Wistar Rabies PM/WI 38 1503-3M strain (inactivated) ?2.5 IU**/0.5 mL* produced inVERO cells** quant..

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