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Bicatero Bicalutamide 50mg Tablets

Bicatero Bicalutamide 50mg Tablets Uses:

Bicatero 50mg Tablets is a hormone therapy used for the treatment of men with advanced or metastatic prostate cancer.

How Bicatero Bicalutamide Tablet Works?

It belongs to a group of medicines known as nonsteroidal antiandrogens (NSAA). The main type of androgens (male sex hormones) produced by the body is testosterone, which helps prostate cancer cells to grow and multiply well. Hormone medications like Bicatero Bicalutamide Tablets Online inhibit the effects of testosterone to stop the growth and spread of cancer.

How to Take Bicatero 50mg Tablets? 

Generic Bicalutamide Tablets Price is taken orally once a day, either in the morning or evening. Take it either before or after meals with a glass of water or juice. Try to take tablets at the same time every day. This will help you to remember to take your doses regularly.

Hetero Bicalutamide Tablet Side Effects:

• Dizziness

• Painful or difficult urination

• Irregular breathing or heartbeat

• Loss of appetite

• Diarrhea

• Yellow skin or eyes

• Stomach discomfort

• Fever

• Congestion

Indian Bicalutamide Tablets Brands:

Androblok Tablets by Sun Pharma

Casodex Tablets by AstraZeneca

Ablu Tablets by Neon Laboratories

Tabi Tablets by Dr. Reddy Laboratories

Calutide Tablets by Cipla Pharma

How to Store Bicatero 50mg Tablets?

• Store at room temperature of 20°C to 25°C (68°F to 77°F).

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