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BDR BD Zadine Tablets

What are BdZadine Azacitidine 300mg Tablets?

BdZadine 300mg Tablet consists of the active ingredient Azacitidine 300mg Tablets. It is indicated to treat acute myeloid leukemia in patients who were unable to complete their treatment previously or attained cancer remission after finishing the chemotherapy treatment. Acute Myeloid Leukemia is a type of bone marrow cancer caused by the release of incompletely formed blood cells into the bloodstream.

What are the Uses of BdZadine Azacitidine 300mg Tablet:

BdZadine 300mg Tablet is indicated to treat acute myeloid leukemia in the following conditions:

If you were unable to complete your therapy previously

Experienced remission of cancer after completing your course of chemotherapy.

How BdZadine 200mg Tablet works:

BdZadine Azacitidine 200mg Tablet binds to RNA and DNA, interrupts their activity in actively multiplying cells and exhibits a toxic effect on tumour cells.

Side-Effects of BDR Azacitidine 300mg Tablets:

Side effects are unwanted symptoms caused by medicines. Even though all medications cause side effects, not everyone gets them.

Low blood cell counts


Body pain

Unusual headache


This tablet is not intended for patients who are allergic to Indian Azacitidine 300mg Tablets or any of its constituents. It is not known if this tablet is safe for patients under the age of 18 years. You should use an effective birth control method during this treatment.

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